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Star Trek: Typhon Accords

Typhon Accords is a Star Trek themed text based game centered around the events as chronicled in the Star Trek Destiny and Star Trek Typhon Pact books.

After a devastating attack by the Borg on the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, they were finally defeated by the combined efforts of multiple Starfleet crews and a new, powerful species known as the Caeliar. After defeating the Collective and absorbing them into the Caeliar Gestalt, they depart for unknown. With entire fleets shattered, worlds destroyed or rendered lifeless it has been left to the Federation and Starfleet to begin the rebuilding process.

Opposing powers, seeing a weakened Federation decided to form a new super power, known as the Typhon Pact. This group would include the Romulan, Breen, Tholian, and Gorn governments among others. In response the Federation and Klingon empires reaffirmed their friendship, forming the Khitomer Accords. With time the Ferengi and Cardassian empires also joined the Khitomer Accords. During this time the Federation also dispatched a newly refit Voyager and a small fleet of Quantum Slipstream equipped ships to journey back to the Delta Quadrant and confirm the Borg threat has been neutralized once and for all.

Game info

Typhon Accords TrekMU is a text based multiuser game that runs on the CobraMUSH engine. It also uses several systems to help simulate the Trek experience for the users and to help give them a universe to RP in. These systems include the completely original Frontier Space engine, along with an extensive medical and combat system.

The game can be reached via telnet at port 1701

Often people will use specialized clients to connect to MUSH style text based games. Examples of some good free ones for windows are MUSHClient or Potato MU* Client for Windows (32/64-bit), MacOS X, and Linux.

RP Logs

This section has grown a bit too large to remain on the main page so now you can find the assorted RP Logs here.

Players Nexus

This section is for players to post information and logs about their characters that they wish to share with others.

Playable Species

Many roleplayers, even relatively skilled and experienced ones, have difficulty roleplaying alien species at times, whether specific species or the grouping as a whole. Contained in this section is information on several common alien species, as well as a file on humans in the 24th century.


There's a great many planets and locations for players to visit and explore. This section contains a list of the publicaly known locations and their coordinates.

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