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Frontier Space is the custom space simulation engine that has been part of Typhon Accords since long before it was Typhon Accords. It is designed to be extremely customizable in every feasible way. It is possible to design starships with detachable saucer sections (although relinking with the saucer section is as much a challenge in the game as it is in the TV shows), to eject the warp core into space, and to replace ship components with upgraded versions or simply replace them when they are damaged beyond repair. There is also an in-game programming language, accessible to users, which can control everything about a ship. All in-game softcoded controls work by making API requests and displaying responses. The API is defined not by the hardcode but rather by the in-game programming language. It is possible for the user to replace or extend all API functionality, including automating an entire starship.

The simulation works in units of Space Objects. Each Space Object represents some tangible thing in space. Each Space Object may be linked to others and may have Mount Points, to which Space Components attach. A Space Object may also dock or land at another Space Object. Each Space Object may have a Space Zone assigned to it, which should contain all of the MUSH rooms associated with the Space Object. Space Zones are automatically linked and organized when Space Objects are linked, docked, or landed. Communications devices determine their location in space by the Space Zone where they are currently located. Space Devices, such as consoles, communicate with the API calls provided through the Computer component on the Space Object where they are installed.

This page is not intended to document the technical parts of the Frontier Space engine. A separate page, part of the CobraMUSH wiki, is provided for that purpose. See for more information. The purpose of this page is instead to document the user experience and collect ideas from users to help improve the space engine.

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