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RP Logs

Boarding Process The crew of the USS Palatine meet and boards their Vesta class Starship for the first time.

Mysterious Station The USS Palatine finds a mysterious station and sends over an away team.

Radiation! The crew of the Palatine discovers the dangers of radiation…and the dangers of spreading said radiation around the ship.

Tribble-ations The Palatine has a few furry visitors and the crew must deal with them.

Not around the block The Palatine crew finds that a quick trip around the block isn't always so quick.

Asteroids Asteroids, anomalies and … beach parties??? Oh my! Meanwhile... Meanwhile in Sickbay …

Another Party Disco time aboard the Palatine.

Cargo and Orions The Palatine response to a distress signal… and gets more than they wanted.

A Klingon stroll through the park

Forging Bonds

Bar brawls and diplomatic incidents!

Some excitement testing out a new engine (New 8-19-2019)

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