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Tellarites are a porcine species whose facial features are somewhat pig-like. They have black pupils set in deep eye sockets and large snouts. Their skin is pinkish-brown and coarse, and normally heavily covered with hair. They have average heights of: 1.8 meters (male) 2.2 meters (female) and a life expectancy of 87 years (male) 93 years (female). Tellarite legs end in two- toed feet with hooves, and their femur is notable for missing its of the third tochanter, and that their fibula is vestigial. Their digestive system is designed for plants, and as such they have two stomachs which utilized bacteria to break down the food before entering their single intestine. Despite this, canines are a delicacy on Tellar Prime. The Tellarite sense of smell and hearing is advanced for a humanoid, while their eyesight is sub par. Tellarites are almost always born in groups of six, as they approach puberty they developed a bristly yellow mane of hair. They reach adulthood by the age of twelve Earth years.

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