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Damhan Patterson

Damhan Patterson
Name Damhan Patterson
Rank Lieutenant
Title CSec(3/O): USS Viminal (NCC-76178)
Status Active
Race Human
Date of Birth May 16, 2370
Place of Birth Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Ireland
Gender Male
Affiliation Starfleet
Parents Donal, Morna
Siblings Isibeal
Played By Jensen Ackles


Damhan Patterson was born on May 16, 2370, to parents Donal and Morna Patterson, in Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Ireland, on Earth. His mother worked as an instructor at Starfleet Academy, while his father was always at home working on “the next big thing” in holonovels. From an early age, Damhan was brought up with a healthy admiration for all things Starfleet. Not fanaticism, of course, but healthy admiration. Shortly after his eighth birthday, his parents separated (father relocated, mother remarried), and he became an older brother to Isibeal, a redheaded spitfire of a girl. This spitfire attitude, of course, found her more than enough trouble, requiring Damhan to step in and look after her. While he was still in school, he found himself further enthralled with Starfleet, wanting to step up and serve like his mother.

During Damhan's eleventh year, the Borg launched a massive attack, leaving most of Starfleet out of commission. His mother and maternal uncle were among those considered missing, and presumed dead. The news hit Damhan rather hard, but he took it in stride, developing a bit of a grudge against the Borg for taking his family from him. After graduating from compulsory education (not only with a leaving certificate, but a good start on a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, thanks to a head-start program) he applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Damhan threw himself at the books with vim and vigor, forsaking social nourishment for academic excellence. His instructors were both impressed at his academic record, and yet concerned that he seemed so focused, recommending he see a counselor. Thankfully, he soon proved that he was just a focused, driven individual, and not exhibiting antisocial tendencies. As he crossed the parade deck on graduation day, he was glad to see the proud faces of his parents, and that all-too-familiar gleam in his sister's eye. He would not be the last of his blood to join the fleet, he figured.


Damhan Patterson is an objective-driven individual, straightforward and at times perhaps crass. When he sets his mind to something, come hell or high water it will be done (within reason and logic, of course). He can take a 'big picture' scenario and whittle it down to the finest of details. He isn't perfect, though, and sometimes finds himself missing one thing while he's focused on another. He also doesn't like to risk others' lives, if it can be at all avoided. When it comes down to the proverbial wire, however, he won't hesitate to make the tough calls. On the non-professional side of things, his interpersonal skills leave a bit to be desired. His hobbies include playing the guitar, fiddle, and the (Irish) flute. He enjoys spending time in the holodeck, as a member of an Irish tavern band, playing to the crowds.

Service Record

USS Freedom (NCC-68710)

Ensign Patterson reported for duty just after midnight on Oct 30, 2388, and was met by Freedom's XO, Commander Casey. After a short orientation chat, and an intake physical, Patterson sought out the ship's security chief, Lieutenant Junior Grade Johanson, and settled into his first assignment.

USS Viminal (NCC-76178)

In mid-November (Nov 13) of 2388, Ensign Patterson was approved for promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and full Lieutenant in mid-September of 2389 (Sep 13). He was later transferred to the USS Viminal, where he was named Chief of Security, and Third Officer.

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