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Jamie is the original designer of CobraMUSH and a System Director of Typhon Accords. He did the code for the original softcode (SC) side of the division globals as well as the overall design of CobraMUSH.

Famous Quotes

(Space) Sauder says, "Fed ships: If there is a facing edge that doesnt have a weapon on it, 
you're in an escape pod"

Nveid (Nv) pages: you know what the spacemush account is? its the 4 hour tour.. Sorta at least.. 
its the hosting account that was only suppose to last for one year, but its been up for almost 
15 years now

Travis says, "why the **** am I paging you when you are in same room as me?"
Travis grins
Travis says, "im sitting there getting spammed your not connected messages and you are here:)"

You say, "the easiest way to increase distance without crashing into it at present is to throw 
the ship into reverse."
<OOC> Boyd says, "....there's a reverse..?"

(Public) Lilen says, "Hi Ekkhae."
(Public) Ekkhae says, "Hi Ekkhae."
(Public) Ekkhae says, "Erm... Lilen."
(Public) Ekkhae considers going back to bed.

RomSpace-BC says, "you expect too much of players."
RomSpace-BC says, "valid e-mail addresses are required, not intelligence."

You say, "we should give up on trek and make the game Hitchhiker's Guide :P
Ari has an epileptic seizure.
Ari says, "I am NOT coding an improbability drive component."
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