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Brad Liery


Born: March 5, 2358, New York City, New York, Earth

Parents: Dave Liery; Martha West

Education: Starfleet Academy (2380), Advanced Life Sciences (2382)

Rank: Lt. Commander (as of 12/13/2385)

Division: Science

Assignment: USS Palatine (Second Officer / Chief of Science)

Personal Logs - Supplemental

12/13/2385: The screen opens with the image of a early thirties man, only his face and upper chest is seen. He is dressed in a Starfleet uniform, with teal noting either a Science or Medical field. “Well the day has finally come… Lt. Commander… Wow.. it's been a long time coming. So much has happened in the last few months. Head of the Science department… now this promotion.” He grins widely, “Outstanding…” he looks to his right for a moment, then back to the screen. “I've grown comfortable on the Palatine… and things are going well in the Labs. And finally got that Orb that was found, back to Bajor. I'm glad because it would randomly start flashing and point a ray of light in random directions. It was at the very least a distraction.” he takes a deep breath. “That's all for now… I should make a call to the parents… been several weeks since I've spoken to them…” the screen goes dark.

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