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 === Ships === === Ships ===
-[[uss_palatine|USS Palatine]] an old ship.+^Ship Name^Transponder Code^Ship Class^ 
 +|[[federation:uss_viminal|USS Viminal]]|UFPNCC76178|Vesta| 
 +|USS Fearless|UFPNCC4598|Intrepid| 
 +|[[uss_palatine|USS Palatine]]|UFPNCC82613|Vesta| 
 +|USS Hiroshima|UFPNCC24278|Intrepid| 
 +|[[federation:uss_freedom|USS Freedom]]|UFPNCC68710|Defiant| 
 +|USS Valdemar|UFPNCC73813|Sovereign| 
 +|USS Enterprise E|UFPNCC1701E|Sovereign| 
 +|USS Gettysburg|UFPNCC3890|Constellation|
-[[federation:uss_freedom|USS Freedom]] Another old ship. 
-[[federation:uss_viminal|USS Viminal]] a different ship. 
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