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Destiny Reformation

In 2381, the Caeliar were forced to come out of their self-imposed exile upon being confronted with the truth that they were indirectly responsible for the creation of the Borg. In order to end the threat the Borg posed to the Galaxy, the Caeliar Gestalt deposed the Borg Queen and dissolved the Borg Collective, offering the trillions of newly freed drones the opportunity to join them in their great work.

Whilst the vast majority of former drones accepted, some chose not to do so. These former drones were granted their freedom and Caeliar Catoms replaced their Borg implants, restoring their original appearances and identities.

A side effect of the transformation of Borg Nanoprobes into Caeliar Catoms was that on planets which had formerly hosted Borg Technology, when the Catoms broke down it resulted in regeneration of the planets' biospheres.

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